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The Ring

I check my mail as I get home every day. There’s usually a few flyers, a real estate brochure and maybe an item I care about. I rarely see a bubble envelope I wasn’t expecting (If I ordered something, I know it). So I get home one day and there is a bubble envelope addressed to me and I am not really sure where it came from as the return address is just an address. I should have thought this to be suspicious but I went ahead and opened it any way.

Inside the envelope is a ring in a little baggy. Nothing else but a slip stating the type of ring and the cost ($55). OK, so it’s addressed to me, but who would have sent this? I am not in any relationship, the booty call types don’t give gifts and my birthday was well over a month ago. Why send a ring anonymously? How dangerous would wearing the ring be? I like it, it’s my style and I am very into rings. If my stalker sent it to inform me he knows my address, and I then wear it, am I sending a very wrong unknown signal? Is there a mic in the ring and I am being recorded (I talk into it occasionally to see if it responds, so now I am actually crazy)? Is it GPS? Did I just get engaged (I’d love to know who my fiancé is)? Is someone slowly poisoning me through this ring? Is this a murder plot? So many questions!

I have absolutely no idea if I should be concerned or just enjoy my new ring. I rarely get a gift from anyone with the exception of my kids (there’s an occasion usually) and my good friend (she is just sweet and needs no reason). An anonymous gift with no occasion, no reason, no milestone and without credit wanted or something in return is not something that’s ever happened otherwise. Maybe it was sent in error. I’ve thought long and hard about who it would be and I think it’s time for a list.

List of who I think could have sent this…

  • SMOOT, but he’d spend more than $55 and he would have told me

  • Stalker 1 (The OG Douglas) or 2 (Hospital Technician Ted), they definitely wouldn’t announce they sent it and I think $55 is a budgetable expense for either

  • A family member, they’d tell me it was coming and why

  • Narcissistic Andy, I lost a ring at his place way back but this is not that ring and there’s no way in hell he is buying me one to replace it (narcissists don’t do things for others unless there’s a benefit to them)

  • Bartender, to soften the blow when he stops trying to see me, this is silly, he’s not going out of his way to do nice things for me

  • My Lady Luster, women are more likely to do a nice thing without wanting credit or having a reason

  • Skint Chris, to convince me he is not too skint (poor), but we know he is so it’s not him

  • American Cruise Ship guy, not out of the realm of possibility (he’s a really nice guy) but there’s no way he could figure out my address

  • Dirty Augustine, wanting to apologize without talking to me (using cartel funds to buy a $55 ring, no one would notice)

  • A neighbor who is an admirer (maybe the guy that flashed me from his window one time) and possibly a new stalker (how many stalkers can one person have, is this a competition, is there a world record?)

  • You’ll love my Wife Mark, it’s a sister wife ring, ha ha but I turned that down and I’m pretty sure he’s not delusional, just kinky

I’ve written very little about my 18 years of being stalked and the actual fear it induces inside of me. If this is from him, this is an escalation and it gives me concern. Anyone who is close to me would know better than to make me fear the sender was him. I am always cautious of my surroundings and suspicious signs in and around my house. If I was a stalker though, what would the purpose be here? They rarely do things out of logic so I guess I may never know. I am hoping that someone will lay claim to this soon and the explanation is one I am happy about. Out of my list of options though I think stalker is the most likely. I am probably owed a million apologies from people in my life but an apology requires the receiver to know this is what is happening (and I have no clue what is going on here at all).

Is this a murder plot? How this ring could result in murder…

  1. Poison ring (obviously)

  2. Tracking or recording device to find me and murder me

  3. The sign that either stalker needed to know I like them. I am then kidnapped and kept until I try to escape and obviously that is not an option so I am killed

  4. Lead poisoning because this ring is from a random overseas store and not made well

  5. The ring is the weird and unsettling thing that causes me to go crazy and in turn ends in me running into traffic (a stretch I know, I’m not going to become crazy because of jewelry gifts)

I’d like to thank whoever it is that got this for me, but only if it’s someone I want to have bought this for me. If you are reading this and sent me this damn ring can you please contact me and put my mind at ease? Also, I like diamonds if you are looking to send more gifts. So the jury is out on whether or not I should be wearing this thing but it’s on my finger today. Today’s lesson…be suspicious of anonymous mail.

You bet your sweet ass I will update if I ever find out who done it.

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