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Spoils me out of Towner continued...

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

UPDATE:  We had another visit!

Since he left the last time, we've texted a little and I think of him frequently.  Mid-March he sends me video and pictures from Eastern Europe where he was on a work trip.  When texting back I debated heavily on whether or not to share with him that I was in the hospital (don't worry, nothing too serious).  I trust him and have always shared everything with him so I told  him where I was.

Once again, he is so kind and shows all sorts of concern for me.  He asks if I'm alone (of course, I am), if I'm in pain, what the prognosis is.  He texts me back and forth for a while with some fun banter, and keeps me entertained in a really boring time. During our texts he also says he can come to see me in 10 days!  I promise to be healthy upon his return.

In 10 short days he arrives in the morning and I pick him up at the airport (proof that someone actually wants to see me in daylight).  This is the first time we are spending the entire day together.  We check into the hotel, hang out briefly before we go for sushi lunch and saké day drinking.  I toured him around the area including a stop by my childhood home, which I found out will be torn down soon (happy news, let the bad memories go with that awful building).  We then went back to the hotel where he let me listen in on a very entertaining call with other rich business people and then out for drinks before dinner (of course tequila, of course at our favourite place).

At dinner he shared a fun story about an ex and her new man.  Since Out of Town Spoiler's murder plot has still not come to fruition, I am going to share this entertainment and all the ways his ex could be murdered by her dating life.

So, this is a 48 year old woman being supported by her ex husband not particularly working at all for her own income.  Her newest boyfriend is a 25 year old 6'9" college dropout with no job, no income, and no car.  Remember the song 'No Scrubs', did we learn nothing from TLC in the 90s?  I get it, it's hard to be single at middle age, but let's not get carried away and lower our standards to what was acceptable when we were 16 people.  Prior to him mentioning the lack of income, employment and a vehicle I was  all 'Good for her, way to go!'.  Anyway, she has a rich ex husband that pays her way and now the boyfriend's too, so they are actual geniuses (I mean, they share a Sugar Daddy, that's amazing.  Couple Goals!).

So I am only slightly concerned for her and really only for my entertainment but here's a list of red flags with this college dropout...

25 year old interested in 48 year old (She's pretty but for the sake of my blog let's assume not)No job (and apparently not really trying to find one either)Owns nothing (no car)College Dropout (not always a red flag)Has questionable friends (noted in my conversation at dinner but left out previously in my blog)

OK back to my date...

We went back to the hotel for the night.  Obviously didn't go straight to sleep.  We planned when to get up in the morning and I told him it is getting harder to say goodbye to him each visit.  It's at this point I have to start to assess my feelings for this guy.  I have to know what this is and that we can't be much more than that.  I am starting to feel something and I am really not sure what to do.  Cut it out now, save myself from future heartache.  Continue on and remind myself to enjoy the fun while it lasts and keep my feelings out of it while continuing to date locally.  Truthfully, I have a hard time dating anyone else now because I compare them to him (oh boy, have I gotten myself into a pickle).  I took him to the airport in the morning and off he went.  I will keep the updates coming.

Since we already know how my out of town spoiler could murder me and still hasn't here's a list of how his ex girlfriend could be murdered in her new relationship...

1) She gets cut off by ex-husband and tells the boyfriend the money is gone and he anger murders her

2) Ex-husband gets tired of paying her way and loses it in a bad way

3) She gets tired of his lazy good for nothing behaviour and there's a murder suicide

4) He finally gets a car and she's teaching him to drive when he drives into a tree

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