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Skint Chris

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Skint Chris, basically another one time thing, but in this case as a person he was cool to hang out with.  It wasn't right otherwise but an entertaining waste of time at least.  If you are wondering about the name, he's British and apparently in their slang this means poor.  Don't worry I am not judging his poverty, he brought it up and made it a thing.  It wasn't my need for a Billionaire or avoidance of poor people that brought this forward.

Skint Chris is another Tinder match.  We matched (apparently I was his first Match ever), we texted, we met.  That simple.  He came out as 'skint' before we even met basically saying that we would have to go for a walk or something because he's not really able to go out and spend money right now.  Maybe this was a red flag and maybe we should hold judgement.  I chose to hold judgment and go for a walk with this person.  It is perfectly possible that I made that decision to benefit my blog, but in the end a good decision.

It was a nice walk at a lake nearby (no, I didn't purposefully put myself in harms way).  He has a great personality and we had similar interests and I found him really interesting.  When parting ways after the lake he asked if maybe we could meet later for a drink.  What could be the problem?  The problem is that he can't go out and buy drinks, is renting a room in a shared home and I have kids at home so there is nowhere to just pick up a bottle of wine and go drink it (And on the first date, would've been too risky anyway, I don't actually want to be murdered).  However, I said we could meet at a pub (I know, stop it with the pubs) and I could buy a couple drinks each.  I actually enjoyed his company and conversation (look at me, not vain at all).

We met up again later at a nearby pub.  Had a couple of drinks and another good conversation.  There was some loud live music which was terrible causing us to basically yell at each other or say 'What?' over and over but in general a good time.  The night was cut short by his requirement to make it onto the last bus home and in our area they don't run very late.  Obviously I knew this is not something that is going to continue due to logistics but in general a good guy, with personality and good conversation.  Wasn't a disappointment or anything like that.

He texted the next day basically reiterating how I felt.  Mentioned that we have nowhere to hang out and "I'm skint at the moment and don't like that' (let's be honest, not my favorite thing either).  He did mention that he likes me and would still like to keep in contact.  Obviously that's fine with me but as I know from experience this is basically a you will never hear from me again moment but I appreciate for once someone trying to let me down easy (no matter how unnecessary because it was one date).

In the end, I had an evening out and got to listen to someone speak in a British accent which is great and it was interesting.  I learned that I am not as vain as I had previously believed and that poor people are interesting too.  Ha ha, this is a joke, I come from poverty I didn't actually believe that they weren't.

All the ways I could have been murdered by Skint Chris:

1) Robbery gone wrong, met me just to rob me at the lake, I fought him (because there's no way I am giving in without a fight) and he drowns me in the lake

2) Isn't actually poor but is in fact homicidal and lures me to secluded area of lake to commit murder

3) Takes me hostage for Ransom only to find out I'm worth nothing and kills me instead of letting me go

#onlinedating #nomoneyfordating #murder #skint #redflags #sarcasm

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