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Rabid Hingers

So after my long break from Online Dating, for apparently no good reason, I go back on Hinge (as we are already aware I was banned from Tinder). I did go on Bumble but for the story this doesn't work because I have to contact them first. Oh dear gawd, what have I done? To my poor phone at the very least, because it is blowing up. I thought, in the middle of a pandemic and social distancing, this was the worst time to date and there wouldn't be much going on. I am wrong, they are bored at home liking and commenting away and I am having a hard time keeping track of the good and the bad.

So, I am getting comments and likes constantly and if they match my requirements I match to see what will come of this. I have learned that I cannot manage this amount of messaging and I merge them all into one and nobody knows what I am talking about because I am mistaking them for someone else. They must be on to me. I do it this way because the conversations that die down usually happen fast and I have the survivors to pick from. Not like we can date any time soon anyway. This is the most attentive group I have seen in the 2 years I have been doing this. Covid-19, Silver lining #213, the single men are bored which means they respond fast and can hold a conversation....Hallelujah!

Where did they all come from? I mean, where were they before? I like the number of options now, keeps things interesting. While on the app, I see a familiar face...we've chatted before. Long story short; I have his phone number, we used to chat a lot, then right before I met Juan it suddenly tapered away. Let's call him Candid Cam (he and I did send a lot of pictures back and forth and we are both into photography, so this is his blog name). I matched with him and said 'ha ha still on here huh', and he responded 'so nice to see your face again'.

What can I say, I have always been a little smitten by him even though we never got to meeting. I was a little mad when he just disappeared but then I met Juan and didn't think about it anymore. Candid Cam is a 6'3" good looking guy, has a job and his shit together, as far as I can tell. He has shared custody of one child and I have full custody of two...not the easiest but still possible. Either way, I am not putting all my eggs in one basket right away. Since my first message though we haven't stopped messaging all day, every day. I did ask what happened the last time when he disappeared and the answer was...'I wasn't ready for more yet, now I am'. So we shall see, now we are limited to text and Face Time and what happens from here is anyone's guess.

I will make some lists of red flags and murder scenarios from the current crop of rabid Hingers as well as Candid Cam and hopefully have a murdery update for you all shortly. Thank you for sticking by me when I was stupid enough to couple up, let's get back to the good stuff!

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