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Misogyny Max

The title gives this one away a lot. If you are a misogynist, stay the heck away from me. I spent a couple weeks texting and chatting with this one. It was too good to be true, said everything I wanted to hear, until we met of course. Seems typical in dating these days, tell someone everything they want to hear even if you will never pull through to try and hook someone. We all know from experience when the cover falls and everything comes to light, the person you hooked will unhook. I've done it even when I believed I found the love of my life, because, if it really was the love of my life they wouldn't have fed me BS.

So, it's date time, everything seems great and I even allow him to pick me up from my house. Due to an unruly stalker situation I have 7 security camera's around the house so I am not too worried. They are caught on camera picking me up and if they ever come back. We drive to a lovely French restaurant on the water. Everything is going well until...he brings up being called a misogynist before. You must've been able to see my face fall.

As he is explaining to me that he is not a misogynist with no actual explanation at all, I interrupt and ask what led to them saying that...Women's clothing, how dare a woman dress however they like without explanation. He said that he had just asked why women think it's okay to dress provocatively and then expect not to be stared at. I told him I didn't know if that was the expectation but that I could answer why women dressed in any way if he would actually like the answer. He pretended he wanted the answer, but, he didn't want it. You could see him getting physically agitated as I proceeded with my explanation.

I proceeded to explain that woman, just like men, can dress however they like. Most women dress as they do because it is how they feel good and are comfortable dressing and that is anyone's right and why on earth is it any of your business? He was starting to react like a toddler not getting his thoughts out correctly. He kept saying he was just asking a question and wanted to know, while rubbing his head in an agitated manner. Then I'd tell him I answered the question, they dress how they want to, and he'd say I didn't. So, I asked him why he wears a toque (winter hat) to dinner? Possibly because his bald head makes him uncomfortable and he feels better with a hat on? I work hard for a fit body and I definitely dress to show that off cause I feel good, same reason he wore that hat. Not that he was referring to me at any point.

It's funny, I really like manly men. There is absolutely nothing wrong in my eyes with masculinity. What's even sexy is if a man understands the difference between toxic masculinity and masculinity. If an example needs to be made for any readers...Toxic Masculinity is thinking you have the right to tell women how to dress but you can do whatever you like or having your guy friends over and putting your wife down in front of them to look like a tough guy and so much more but you get the idea. That's all toxic, being manly is not the complaint.

Anyway, as I watch Misogyny Max get more and more agitated, I realize he's my ride home. This is when I try to get out of this conversation. I try to change the conversation and he's done with me and it is completely obvious...there's no way we will ever talk again. On the ride home he took a call from a coworker for most of the drive so not to have to talk to me. He stopped in front of my house and I said bye and went home, grateful that nightmare was over.

Misogynist Max Red Flags:

  1. The fact that I call him Misogyny Max

  2. Talking himself up a lot in conversation

  3. Drives an obnoxious sports car

  4. Concerned with what other people wear

  5. Bald and won't take his hat off (in online dating this is called a Hatfish when all pics have a hat and you can't tell if they have hair)

  6. Toddler style tantrum when being told he is wrong

  7. Pea sized bladder, has to use the washroom a lot

This is one of the few dates I have been on where I was a little concerned about getting back in the car with him and driving home. I had a flash of him driving the passenger side of the car into a pole but as luck would have it I am pretty sure he prefers his car surviving over my death.

Chances for murder...

  • Like I said getting into a car with him after this altercation was a risk, he could've continued the toddler tantrum and drove me into a pole but luckily for me he had a nice car

  • At the restaurant, I always tell the staff about my anaphylactic allergy. He got up to use the bathroom so many times, one of the times could have been to get a big chunk of what I am allergic to from the kitchen, walk back over and shove it in my mouth (works to shut me up and kill me)

  • Pretend everything is fine and apologize on the way back so I would willingly park with him somewhere, then he murders me and buries me...not that there would have been any way I would have agreed to that

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