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Jodi Arias John

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Let me start by saying this one is only about messages on an online dating platform, I was not insane enough to ever meet this person or continue messaging.  This is a buffer post until I get some more dates, however, very on theme and quite crazy.

Bumble, oh Bumble.  We, as women (I obviously speak for all women), like this site because we decide who we make contact with.  In reality though, we have no way of knowing exactly how insane a person will be until you have chosen to message with them.  There have been a few that I found to be quite insane but nothing like Jodi Arias John.

Profilewise, very handsome and says all the right things.  Tall (which is obviously most important), professional, in my specific age range and was good looking in the profile picture (I now doubt this was even a real picture of Jodi Arias John).  Based on the decent profile I contacted him and soon discovered how interesting these messages could get.

The first few messages were the usual, 'Hi, how are you?'  Then, it started.  I got excited when he asked if I knew of Jodi Arias.  Could it be that he has the same fascination as I do with true crime?  For those who don't know, Jodi Arias is a convicted killer, convicted of killing her ex- boyfriend.  My response was 'of course I do' and luckily I didn't follow that up with my opinion (I might not be here today had I continued).  He then messages that he knows her, sends her money, and believes she is innocent.  I now believe he may be on dating sites just to get her 'innocence' out there.  Not for a second, by the way, do I think she is innocent. 

As of the first 'I know Jodi Arias and she's innocent', I did not message back one time.  He sent message after message about it (even how the victim deserved it!) for a good 10 minutes.  I believe (I wish I saved these messages) there were probably 40 messages.  He stated he was going to visit her in prison and he was doing everything he could to get her message out there and fund her case.  He mentioned speaking with her previously etc. etc. 

I watched my phone in disbelief.  I am not saying one word and message after message of oversharing and crazy keeps coming through.  His final messages were 'so, I guess you're not interested' and 'Goodbye then'.  He un-matched me immediately so I couldn't save these glorious messages that would have been so wonderful to share here.

Thank you so much Jodi Arias John for leading with these texts and not meeting me in person to share this opinion.  Saved again! 

All the ways I would have been murdered by Jodi Arias John:

1) Gave my Jodi Arias opinion and then he hunts me down to make me pay for it

2) He successfully gets her out of prison, they join together to hunt me down and make me pay

3) My phone explodes from the texting blast and a shard of phone kills me (it's a stretch, I know)

4) He doesn't start with Jodi Arias messages and brings this up in person when we meet, I mock him (my usual behaviour) and he strangles me right there out of anger

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