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Jodi Arias Bob?

Would you believe that another online dating conversation was started with 'Do you know who Jodi Arias is?' and continued much the same as the last time? There appears to be a large male Jodi Arias following or the few that are out there are automatically attracted to me. After Jodi Arias John I never imagined I would have to have another online dating conversation like this. In both cases they said I look like her (I DO NOT! sorry for the yelling). This time I decided to fuel the conversation a little for my obvious entertainment. My daughter was with me as these messages came in and I told her that he said I look like Jodi Arias (who he says is hot...I disagree). My daughter looks her up on her phone, she disagrees with the exception of one photo where there may be a slight resemblance.

Listen, there's a small part of me that enjoys the comparison to a killer (since I obviously have a true crime interest) but, this person is a murderer (TOOK ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE) and I don't ever think that is okay. Bob starts in on why it was okay for her to take his life and how he deserved it (much the same as Jodi Arias John). He highlighted the emotional abuse as if he had witnessed it himself and didn't just watch the same testimony that we all did. I know there are scenarios where a victim is escaping a captor and a loss of life occurs that could not have been prevented, they call this self defense. Self defense is NOT pre-planned and executed, it is a part of a very sad and tragic escape.

I digress, he did relent eventually that she should be behind bars because although he believed her boyfriend made her become a murderer it was still a crime. Well, thank goodness he knows what constitutes a crime (insert sarcastic tone). The funny thing is...the things he was describing as bringing her over the edge are things almost every woman deals with from boyfriends or spouses at some point. He was describing gas lighting, cheating, ignoring her and talking down to her. If this constitutes murder, I am surprised there aren't more women murderers. I couldn't even tell you how many times those things have become an issue in a relationship for me. Does that make it okay to murder? I can tell you that is a hard no. Also, is he telling me that he is never a culprit of these things? Yes, these are things that can bring you down terribly and make you forget your worth (especially the gas lighting) but also if you are capable of murder for those things there is something else wrong here.

This conversation did get pretty funny with my sarcastic back and forth and I was definitely entertained. He even moved it away from my murderous doppelganger at some point and decided bragging about his trust fund life and fancy cars would win me over. At no point was he getting just how great I am and that I am not a money hungry gold digger. I told him I was starting to find our conversation aggravating and although it has been fun we aren't a match. Would you guess what happened here?

He decides to work on convincing me that I should meet him and that we are a match. His texts were 'I like you', 'just need a little tweeking'. I'm sorry, what? You've never met me and had only this very strange text conversation and I need tweaking? I told him that his kind words weren't working and we still aren't a match and then this... 'You are my Jodi'. Dear Gawd, what is his goal here? Does he want to be murdered by an average looking woman? Does he want to gas light me and tear me down to bring me to that point? Does this line of flirting ever actually work for him? Is this a weird role play thing he enjoys and is looking for a particular look? I am not that girl.

So there were some obvious red flags here (not that I ever took this one seriously)...

  • the Jodi Arias obsession (really this is like ten red flags in one)

  • claiming to be a trust fund baby with unlimited funds (this generally makes for a type of person I would not enjoy)

  • bragging about personal items to show worth (this implies you don't have anything else to impress someone, like intelligence or creativity or charm)

  • not taking obvious cues from my texts

  • suggesting I need to be 'tweeked'

This was an easy one to get out of and a quick unmatch was done, there was no more entertainment to be had from here and I only expected annoying texts after this.

Ways I could have been murdered by Jodi Arias Bob...

  1. I was dumb enough to have him pick me up in a Lambo like he had offered and gave him my address, then the obvious get into his car (likely not a Lambo) and he takes me to a secondary location type of murder (for no other reason than he's obsessed with Jodi Arias and thinks I look like her)

  2. I have rejected him, so he searches the land for me and when he sees me runs me over with the "Lambo"

  3. Starts another fake account, charms me until I meet him (avoiding anything he did the first time, true sociopath style) and then kills me for the rejection

Anyway, like with Jodi Arias John, I am not stupid or crazy enough to actually give any information for him to make contact again. So goodbye Jodi Arias Bob and please don't anyone ever tell me I look like her again!

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