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Hospital Technician Ted

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

This is a weird one and although once again I did not meet this person very worthy of my blog.  Definitely creepy enough to feel that murder is in the cards with this one.

So let's go back 8 months when I first began online dating.  I actually started with Match and had a few chats going before I decided I hated it and moved on.  The options on that one were mostly no good and I was bored.  I went from there directly to Bumble.  One of those conversations was with what seemed to be a decent guy, nice (yet boring) conversation that ultimately went nowhere.  Nowhere I thought until just the other day.

In February (as noted previously in another post) I had a CT scan due to my risk for brain aneurysm (which I am happy to report was negative and also decreased my risk significantly).  The procedure was very short, I feel like I was there for 20 minutes at most.  I had contrast so the female tech had to stay by my side when the IV started and the CT was mostly uneventful.  After the CT was done I did what any paranoid human would do and looked at the man in the windowed room to see if his facial expression showed any concern.  It did not, and I still can close my eyes and picture this person (the joys of a photographic memory).  He was a fairly decent looking fellow but I noticed him for only a moment and left.  I did not in any way recognize this person.

Cut to May and on my newest dating platform (I had to replace Tinder somehow) Hinge I match with someone and get a message from him.  He said 'Hi again.  How are you?'  At this point I had no idea that we had messaged previously on Match (I mean listen, how am I suppose to remember them all.  Also proof that this online dating thing is not working).  I responded kindly with an 'I am well, how are you?'  There was no way to know what message I was getting next but here it is:

'I am OK.  I saw you in person a couple months ago.  I was at the controls for your CT scan.  Maybe I'm one of the few guys you've let see into your head, haha.  Everything OK with the results?'

OK, maybe he saw me now on hinge, remembered and thought I'll tell her about being at the CT (I would have kept that to myself if I was him, but maybe thought it was an interesting connection).  Either way let's break down the murdery bits.

He saw me in person and recognized me solely based on my profile pics (a testament to the accuracy of my pics but also HOW?????)Maybe one of the few guys I let see into my head??  (I'm going to say definitely, unless there was a guy at the helm of my MRIs) also I didn't let you, it was your jobYou just admitted to me that you know some very personal medical information that I do not share with prospective dates

In further messages he admitted that he couldn't introduce himself at that time because it wouldn't be very professional (Yah, I am pretty sure that didn't need to be said).   He mentioned that my voice was different than he had imagined (he imagined my voice?!) and he had wondered if I recognized him (from profile pictures?  seems like a weird memory to have).  Another odd point made was that it was just circumstance that inserted him into my private health life and confidentiality is very important (although I have no idea where this falls in that).  'Don't worry I didn't even know the results.  I just took the pictures'.  Do you think he knows how creepy this sounds?  Inserted into my private personal health life?  No, you weren't inserted at all, he is trying to imply that he is now a part of my life (even if it's the private health part).  Associated maybe but inserted is not the case and I believe this is a tactic that psychopaths use to trick someone into thinking they are connected.  He is basically ensuring I never meet him so not to add an additional stalker to my repertoire and be murdered in the near future.

Then, to my utter shock, he asked if he remembered correctly (from the Match days) which sports my kids did.  He absolutely did and this added to his creepy factor.  How from all that time did he store all this info about me?  How is he not self aware enough to know how creepy that is and maybe just keep his creepy memories to himself.  Even if it is just a case of good memory (and it could very well be) not the sharing kind of thing after all this time and never having actually met (aside from him scanning my brain).  And I am going to share a small final creepy factor, the name on my online profiles is not my actual name (I am smart enough to use something not google-able) and although you could see that it may be a nickname from my real name it's not blatantly obvious.

Here are the red flags (and reasons we are never going to meet) for Hospital Technician Ted:

  • Knowing it is me from just online profile pics (not the worst thing)

  • Not having enough self awareness to understand how creepy he is (also a sign of a narcissist)

  • Having imagined my voice and telling me this (Do people do this?)

  • Feeling that this has inserted him into my life somehow

  • His freaky memory

A few short responses and the conversation ended with me in shock it even happened at all.  The jury is out on whether or not he will message again but not on whether or not I will risk this.

All the ways I could have been murdered by Hospital Technician Ted:

1) At CT scan could have switched the contrast with poison

2) At CT scan could have switched contrast with sedatives, knocked out the other technician and taken me to be murdered elsewhere

3) At CT scan he keeps me in with the radiation far too long basically cooking me (I am not at all sure if this is even possible)

4) I thought he was so thoughtful at remembering me that I meet him and he murders me in really any way He knows my address from the file (with his memory, totally plausible) becomes stalker no.2 and stalks me until the perfect chance for murder happens (this actually could be happening right now)

5) He stalks me as above and in a very strange turn of events meets stalker no.1 who murders him to keep me for himself (or vice versa)

6) Snipes me at a child's sporting event (he'd be a pretty good stalker if he could figure out the events)

7) He is a serial killer who took the technician job because of his obsession with brains and chooses my brain as one he would like to lobotomize, he is currently in the planning stages using my medical file info to grab me for his murder plan (was this a movie at some point?)

So, although he could be very innocent and not at all stalking me, he is for sure guilty of a complete lack of self awareness and he makes for some definite plausible murder theories.

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