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Hello Arizona!

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

I may have mentioned before that I live near an airport so I get a lot of travelers on these apps.  I have stopped swiping on anyone within the distance to the airport.  I did however recently swipe on two people that seemed far enough away in the city that, as luck would have it, were just visiting.

It really was a match one right after the other, let's call them Adam and Mitch.  Right away I sort of noticed that in Adam's pictures it looked like his friend was Mitch.  I chalked it up to just being similar.  Obviously a conversation started with both when Mitch quickly told me he was just visiting from Arizona.  It clicked right away, Adam also has a picture that is very clearly in Sedona (I was just there).  So I message Adam and say 'You just visiting from Arizona?  I think I'm also chatting with your friend Mitch'.  At this point Mitch had already given me his number and said we should keep in touch (since I do visit Arizona occasionally).  Adam responded that this was funny and I proceeded to tell Mitch who said 'Too funny, Adam just told me'.  That's great so you two are just sitting in a room together using Bumble hoping to get some action?  Or plotting a murder using the dating app?  It's weird and also either scenario is possible.

So of course I now believe I am a hot commodity for Arizonians or almost the victim of a very serious homicide.  I mean, I'd love to live there so if either of them were just looking for love bring on the K-1 VISA!  Mitch continued to ask what I was doing that night (they were leaving in the morning).  Ummm obviously not trying to get murdered by 2 dudes from Arizona passing through.  I ignored the question.  Needless to say we did not meet.  It would have made for a more interesting post mind you but when weighing the risks, they were just too great.

Even more curious is they were here together for work but both had a title of 'business owner'.  Do they share a business or are they just liars?  Just based on experience I would go with the latter.  Obviously there were red flags, since I completely avoided the what are you up to tonight question.

Adam and Mitch red flags:

  • They both own the business they are here for (I know it is totally possible but I am thinking there's a lie in there somewhere)

  • In from out of town inviting randoms out (how much are we willing to bet at least one of these guys is married)

  • Both on Bumble while together in a room

I found it quite funny that I spot one in the other's photos and made the connection.  I'm not usually the most observant on these things.  I don't know how often I accidentally swipe right on someone who wants kids and notice it after (I have and don't want more). So if I had met them there was a good chance I would have been murdered.

All the ways Adam and Mitch could have murdered me:

  1.  Met up with them, and they worked together to put their plot into action and murder me

  2. Only one of them is murdery, drugs my drink when we meet up and murders me

  3. Visit Arizona, meet up with either for a hike and get pushed off a cliff

  4. On their way to the airport where I frequently go for a run (I know being a runner is just asking to be murdered) they recognize me on my run and in a fit of rage because I did not meet up they run me over

Can't say I'm not still curious what these two are really all about but if they are ever back and message I'll be sure to update.

#onlinedating #bumble #sarcasm #redflags #murder #americanslovecanadians #doubledate

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