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Get Ready to Fall Hard

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

One day, I'm home on the couch and a Hinge message comes through on my phone.  If you don't know Hinge, people comment on each other's profile pictures or comments and it comes through to you and you can then match them.  I have a comment that says 'I will fall for you if you make me laugh' (this isn't entirely true, I've learned that there's more requirements if I'm being totally honest, like if you're short and you make me laugh it's likely not going to happen, sorry), I get a comment on it 'get ready to fall hard'.  So, I viewed the profile which stated this person was fairly close by.  The pictures did not do him justice but were funny, so I bit, and texting ensued.  And of course, as my luck would have it, he's an American passing through, AGAIN!!!!  Why are they teasing me like this?  He was here with a friend from Boston and catching a cruise.

I was enjoying the texting though (he is funny) and he invited me out for a drink before he caught his ship.  I had to be nearby to pick someone up later that day so I decided to go.  Something to do, can't take it too seriously but could be fun (or I could be murdered, or almost and it would make for a great post, I know I have a problem).

First thing I noticed was his smile, big and inviting, then that good ole Boston accent.  Another thing about me...I love most accents, with the exception of French Canadian (I'm sorry Quebecers, one day I'll write about the French Canadian Fire Fighter from way back and you'll understand). I never thought I'd have such a great time, it was so easy and like I've known him forever.  I truly didn't want it to end and at some point his friend was texting him to go to the ship or it would leave without him.  We walked outside and shared a kiss, walked to my car and shared another and away he went.

I have never connected with anyone that easily, and there it is, the reminder that I am cursed.  Finally an easy connection, someone I would look forward to seeing again and probably never would.  And for him, he shared that he felt the same way.  Even worse!  So not only did I feel a genuine connection and want to see him again but so did he, the feeling was mutual, finally someone who shared a mutual connection and he lives in another country!!  Again!  What the heck is wrong with me that I cannot connect with a Canadian?!

There were calls and messaging during his cruise and he even got me a gift from the cruise.  We thought we would have a day to hang out when he returned but due to his lack of vacation organization skills he got the dock date wrong and it ended up we had just a couple hours.  But, we met for a drink (with his friend too this time, double the accent fun) at the same place and I took them to the airport.  I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with him but it all had to end and it ended at the airport.

A hug, a kiss, multiple goodbyes and a wave from the airport entrance and he was gone.  As we all know, I lack emotion pretty heavily but maybe because I haven't connected with many people.  As I drove away, I felt a little sad.  I would mock people pretty heavily if I heard they met someone a couple times and already got the feels for them but in this case it happened to me and I am bummed about it.  It took me a while to write this because I wasn't sure how to express it.

We still message here and there, and I think very highly of him.  So this super sappy positive post is not my usual and hopefully the last time I fall for an American in my life (let's be honest here, I spent 2 years in my late teens dating a guy in Tacoma, there was another guy in Tacoma for a brief time as well, there's SMOOT and now Boston.  I think very highly of all of them, what is it with me and Americans?)  I did not search these people out either (for a green card or something), I met them all locally and was never searching out an out of town relationship to prevent becoming attached to someone.

Let's be honest here though, when meeting a stranger from out of town there are murder scenarios, although I didn't know him enough for the red flag section here's some murder...

  1. Met for drinks, he kidnaps me and takes me on the cruise ship.  Murders me and throws me overboard far into the one would ever know I was there and who I met that day.

  2. His friend hated me (this is partially true) for distracting him the whole cruise, so poisons my drink when we met before the airport.

  3. While driving to the airport, Boston grabs the wheel and takes all three of us over the bridge in a tragic Romeo and Juliet style murder suicide.

Since I know you are reading this Boston, I hope you find an amazing woman, even if it's not me.  I'm happy I know you, thank you for not killing me.

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