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It’s a beautiful sunny day, had been a long stressful one at work and I go for my usually 8K run (where the halfway point is that darn bar I keep writing about) to de-stress. I get home and jump in the shower, as soon as I get out of the shower and proceed to get dressed my text alert goes off. Still in a towel and standing there debating on what to wear for only 2 hours before bed and I choose to delay decisions until I read my text. A number (long distance area code in Ontario), I don’t have in my phone, texts ‘Back in XXX (city I live in), wanna meet up?’. I should have just left it, obviously this person is not in my phone for a reason but…curiosity always gets the better of me and I texted ‘who is this?’.

Boy was I surprised when I got the response (I don’t remember deleting his contact but I go through bouts of cleaning out the contacts list). It was Skint Chris (You may not have read the original post but if you need to understand what skint means or need some context now is the time to read the Skint Chris post)! He did comment on me already removing him from my contacts (In my defense it has been months since I have heard from him and must’ve assumed I wouldn’t again, guess someone needs a ride or a meal). So the usual ‘how are you’ blah blah blah and then he asks me to meet up that night. I respond that another day would be better because it’s already late and I am exhausted. He begins to pester me to go out with comments about how I can sleep when I’m dead and my kids will survive without me a couple hours. When I say it is too last minute he texts ‘so fucking what?’ (rude). What is this sudden urgency to see me (I did ask this, to which he respond ha ha no urgency)? Haven’t heard from him in months and now he’s back in town bored and needs to see me right away? Why? Does he not know anyone else? Does he need a favour?

I was going back and forth about maybe giving in and meeting him for a drink but his pushiness put me off and I didn’t feel good about it so finally I text ‘Another time Chris’. I should’ve known he would respond asking when and of course he did. So I said he could meet me for Happy Hour after work the next day. He had to find his own way. This way I am not alone with him picking him up or dropping him off when the truth comes out and he does need a favour. I don’t need to be in a car with someone I am politely declining to help and then murdered because he obviously likes to get his way (typical murderer mentality, I am not saying every pushy individual is a murderer but I am not saying they aren’t either).

So he agrees to meeting at Happy Hour right by my office (with security guards on my way to parking, so I should be safe). We have obviously met before and he didn’t strike me as dangerous then, he could’ve drowned me at the lake, but his new bossy mentality does cause me some concern. At first, he counters my Happy Hour with let’s just grab some beer and go sit somewhere instead (looks like someone is still skint). I let him know that I am coming from work and wearing a dress so just sitting somewhere with beer may not be good timing for me. I am not above grabbing a beer and having a drink on the beach or something but not in my dress after work (Also, Happy Hour is cheap, heck I’ll pay). One hour before we are supposed to meet I get the ‘we will have to postpone’ text (too broke Skint Chris?). So, of course I ask what happened and the response is that he’ll tell me when we get together. I respond with just ‘ominous’.

There are some more red flags…

  • Urgent need to see me out of nowhere (why?)

  • Unable to easily take No for an answer (I’ve seen this before, not a good sign at all)

  • Really wants me to pick him up

  • Suggested buy beer and go sit somewhere (where exactly would that somewhere be? In a secluded area of the forest? Never go into the forest, I know that)

  • Cancels without explanation (must be explained in person, for what reason?)

Now there is silence. No response to my ‘ominous’ text at all. I have no interest in making this a thing with Skint Chris (I am pretty sure he may be a homeless man and/or was trying to get me to do him a favour and found someone else to do it). He annoyed me with his pushy and urgent meet up texts and let’s be honest I am not looking to be anyone’s Sugar Momma and that would be a requirement here I think. I am starting to wonder where these men come from. Am I ever going to meet anyone of substance? Am I stuck with a bartender that likes a booty call when he is in the mood and could care less about me otherwise, or a bossy homeless man, or some out of town hookup? How on earth do people these days find someone and end up in relationships. Is it me? Am I attracting this riffraff somehow? I am successful, responsible, funny, pretty and relatively sane and this is what I get? Maybe I should eat whatever I want, stop working out, leave my stressful job and tone down my fun side and I will get a partner to share life with. Anyway, the silver lining is this blog can continue because I am a magnet for these types.

So back to Skint Chris, if we met up as he had planned (I am starting to think maybe he needed his murder fix), how would this have ended in murder...

  1. He asks for a favour (likely money related), I say no (my therapist says I need to stop offering help to people so much) and he strangles me in the car.

  2. His urgency was just his need to murder and he thought I’d be perfect, due to me not going into the woods with him, he had to find another way so stabs me after Happy Hour outside of the restaurant.

  3. In my car after picking him up, swerves my wheel and we hit a pole.

Listen, never going to be a Sugar Momma, work hard and make your own money. Be safe friends, don’t grab beer and go to a secluded place even if it’s not the first date.

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